Sisasa, Inc.

Bridging the gap between financial institutions and young adults.

The Facts

Emotional Attachment

Rational product satisfaction is not enough. Customers need to be emotionally attached, which includes satisfaction, but adds elements of confidence, integrity, pride, and passion.

Financial Literacy

80% of adults admit they could benefit from additional professional financial service and advice. Almost half of adults grade themselves as a C, D, or F on their financial literacy.

Social Engagement

Existing online banking experiences are unappealing and disengaging. Young adults are twice as likely to participate in social gaming than online banking activities.

Features & Solutions

  • Engaging


    We use simple gamification mechanics like points, levels, and badges to incentivize customers to spend more time on FI mobile applications.

  • Personalized


    Our system utilizes APIs, demographics, and transactional info to generate personalized financial advice and deals that users actually want to redeem.

  • Dynamic


    Our educational content is constantly updated & adjusted to a user's behavior, providing a perfect place for cross-selling targeted financial products.

  • Educational


    Our carefully curated content maximizes visuals, understandability, and relevance. We also offer options for users to continue the conversations offline with the FI's employees.

  • Social


    The integration of social media into our software allows users to share and discuss content, compete against and view each other's badges, and see who has viewed specific articles.

  • Intuitive


    Our software is continually undergoing user-testing to provide you with the most intuitive and easy to navigate UI to increase the overall happiness associated with FIs.


Our ideal financial institution partner would have:

a native Android mobile banking application OR no Android mobile banking application.

a strong interest in attracting young adult customers.

the ability to consistently communicate with the Sisasa team.

Code & Maintenance.

We will provide you with our code and documentation, along with added support and maintenance as negotiated in contract.

Brand & Marketing.

We know your brand is important to you, which is why we let you customize our product with your colors and logos. We will also provide additional marketing support with flyers and swag.

Analytics & Communication.

You will have access to monthly reports on your application's statistics through Google Analytics. And we will be available to assist you throughout the entire piloting process.

Discounts & Innovation.

As a pilot partner, you will receive a waived licensing-fee and specialized services. Additionally, you will become a pioneer in this revolutionary banking technology.

The Team

Deborah Tien

CEO, Co-Founder

Astrophysicist, Yogi, Music-Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Traveller.

Alejandro Dinsmore

Corporate Strategist, Co-Founder

Vassar Student, Philosophist, Entrepreneur, Neuro-economist, Gamer.

Jesyka Palmer

Lead UX Designer, Co-Founder

Designer, Trail-Runner, Cupcake-Lover, Gamer.

John Palgut

CTO, Co-Founder

Computer Scientist, Programmer, Gamer, Laser Tag Ninja.

Ni Yan

UX Designer, Graphic Designer

Designer, Artist, Cat-Lover, Chocolate-Eater.

Tian Xing Li

Android Software Engineer

Computer Scientist, Programmer, Badminton-Player, Skier.

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